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We’re a small team that punches above our weight

How it all started

My entry into African tech was atypical. And it all started with a podcast.

I used to work in agricultural commodity research in Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, which was my first time living in West Africa.

After five years in the sector - during which I had a brief stint as a trader - I was burnt out and jaded. In 2017, somehow, I started following African tech startups, and longing for a creative project, I launched a podcast, Young African Entrepreneur (now defunct).

Thanks to the podcast, I had the opportunity to chat with incredible African founders building great tech companies.

In 2018, I quit my commodities job to join a Washington DC-based tech PR agency. I stayed in Abidjan, but I looked to move east to the hub of West African tech. In 2019, I put all my worldly possessions in a truck, and with my dog Gus, hit the road for Lagos, Nigeria.

When Covid broke out in 2020, I took a leap of faith and started my own PR solo practitioner business. I later set up No Filter PR.

While my background might seem unusual, if not downright weird, it has emerged as a strength. I combine on-the-ground knowledge of African markets, years of market research and media and public relations experience, with a sixth sense for what makes compelling and unforgettable stories.

Having a foothold in African tech is to have a glimpse into Africa’s future, and it’s that fascination that drives my storytelling for clients: to understand how technology will forge the trajectory of Africa, the youngest and fastest urbanizing region in the world.



Victoria Crandall


Not your average publicist, Victoria combines a nuanced understanding of African markets with creative flair. She brings her unique experiences and insights from her past  work as a commodity analyst and financial journalist to help  her clients gain visibility and turn into global leaders. Victoria has 15 years experience and has lived in West Africa for nearly a decade.


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