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People over products

We believe in the power of authenticity and creative storytelling to help our clients gain visibility, make connections that matter, and take their businesses to new heights of success and impact.

We focus on people, not products, to create campaigns that resonate with the media and target audiences.

We are big believers in research and strong writing to bring our clients’ stories to life.

We are proudly based in Lagos, Nigeria.


PR Campaigns & Projects

Early-stage African startups (pre-series A) usually first consider PR when they have a newsworthy announcement. With this in mind, we recommend a laser-focused PR campaign.

We help clients maximize exposure from their news with placements in international, regional, and local media to connect with target audiences.

We know exactly what the media is looking for when covering news and features. Working together, we will discover your powerful stories and insights, packaging them in a way that will grab journalists’ attention.

With a fixed project fee, pegged to milestones, this approach is good for companies new to PR, those building out their marketing and/or communications teams, and for post-seed/pre-series B startups who are working with a publicist for the first time.

Branded Content & Storytelling

As startups grow into fully-fledged companies, they often find that they need more than a 3-month PR campaign. What they need is to establish their brand.

We will research and master the high-level fundamentals of your business, and identify opportunities for interesting stories that drive brand awareness, teasing out the editorial approach and informing the creative treatment.

We tailor each project to specific client briefs and provide bespoke budget proposals based on the scope of work.

An inimitable brand is built not on what you want to sell but what audiences find interesting -- creative and beautifully crafted stories that matter.

If you’re a company going Pan-African with the makings of a brilliant story, we’ll create an on-brand content strategy that is creative, compelling, and committed to igniting a conversation.


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Whatever your level of PR experience is, we will support you with effective media engagement, cultivating win-win relationships with relevant journalists. Our clientele has appeared in leading global publications including the FT, Bloomberg, Reuters, BBC, CNN, Quartz, The Africa Report, CNBC Africa, Next Billion, Impact Alpha, and Project Syndicate.


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Omnibiz is a Nigerian e-commerce company for the informal retail sector. In recent years, B2B e-commerce has become extremely competitive. There are dozens of startups targeting informal retailers and raising large rounds.




Victoria Crandall


Not your average publicist, Victoria combines a nuanced understanding of African markets with creative flair. She brings her unique experiences and insights from her past  work as a commodity analyst and financial journalist to help  her clients gain visibility and turn into global leaders. Victoria has 15 years experience and has lived in West Africa for nearly a decade.

Ireti Oluwagbemi

Account Manager

Ireti is a communications strategist with over a decade of experience across the tech, private and diplomatic sectors in Africa. She possesses a thorough understanding of bespoke campaigns, underpinned by globally recognized qualifications, including a postgraduate diploma in Public Relations from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, UK. Ireti’s spectrum of experience helps deliver strategies rooted in a fundamental understanding of African audiences.


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