Brand positioning and stakeholder engagement through a multimedia content project

Executive Summary

MFS Africa is a pan-African mobile money gateway. With its presence in 34 African countries, the company has an unparalleled footprint across the continent and commitment to small African countries as well as their larger neighbors.

The company also has a mission-driven culture. It is driven to making borders matter less in Africa.

MFS Africa looked to elevate its brand, communicate its mission and build goodwill among stakeholders through a multimedia branded content project. It also wanted to contribute to the conversation about AfCFTA and aspirations of integration and the lived realities of ordinary Africans who are impacted by policies and regulation.

No Filter created the Togo: Crossing Borders series that focused on Togo as West Africa’s leading trade hub.

The highlight: The project received the support of Togo’s Ministry of Digital and Innovation, a key stakeholder for MFS Africa. Cina Lawson, the Minister, shared the series on her Twitter.

The ministry called the project a “splendid initiative” which “masterfully described the beneficial human and economic interactions between Togo and Ghana.”


MFS Africa is a B2B FinTech company that creates a “network of networks” to improve access to mobile money wallets across Sub-Saharan Africa.

The company wanted to tell a story that highlighted its impact as a mission-driven company.

MFS Africa looked to hire a PR agency with strong regional knowledge and local presence.

How No Filter Helped:

Working with the MFS Africa team, we identified the themes of the 3-part series to focus on the history of Togo’s borders, immigration, and trade — key issues that drive remittances and SME financing needs, two primary use cases of the MFS Africa API.

During a two-week production in Lome, Togo, we interviewed and filmed participants in the project, including the Lome port officials, famous Wax Fabric traders (‘Mama Benz’) and a Togolese historian as well as individuals from West African countries: Burkinabe transporters, Ghanaian fisherman, and Nigerian traders.

Each part of the series features an original essay accompanied by portraits and landscape shots of Lome. We also created an original docuseries that is published on the series website as well as other channels, such as MFS Africa’s YouTube.

We designed a website for Togo: Crossing Borders to showcase the series as the brand’s brand marketing IP.


The project succeeded in driving goodwill with key government stakeholders.

Cina Lawson, Togo’s Minister of Digital Economy and Transformation, enthusiastically supported the project sharing on her social media channels.


“No Filter has a strong knowledge of West Africa and mastery of local context. Their dedication to creative storytelling that focuses on people and impact is unmatched. They over delivered for Africa Crossing Borders and are easily our favorite writers and creators to work with.”

Dare Okoujou MFS Africa CEO/founder